photo pin board from a photo booth at a vintage style wedding

Photo booths have become big business when it comes to weddings and they certainly do add a lot of fun to an event. The term actually covers anything from just using silly props provided up to quite elaborate backdrops and scenery so its really just down to you to choose what fits with your theme. Here at Harlequin we have had a variety of requests so have experience in sourcing some common and some more unusual props – just let us know what your ideas and we will endeavour to deliver the perfect background to your guests’ essential memories. Meanwhile, below are some ideas to get you started.

If you are having a small, intimate gathering then perhaps consider a simple picture frame and some props such as moustaches or glasses where guests can take pictures on their mobile phones. To make the image more interesting, take a large copy of the Instagram or a mock Polaroid frame and personalise the edges to make a perfect memory in an instant. For a vintage style affair perhaps place a large personalised chalkboard for guests to pose in front of or, for a rustic outdoor wedding, hang props from trees for them to use.

Want to go a bit bigger? You could hire an actual passport style photo booth or a Campervan or Airstream which has been turned into a mini photography studio, decked out as maybe a retro diner or a beach setting. They can often be tweaked to reflect your décor, helping them blend seamlessly into your day. Some companies hire out a “booth butler” or attendant to help you and your guests get the best experience (and photo!) from your booth.

If you want to surprise your guests with unique backgrounds, why not hire a green screen, get them to pose with the props and add the scenery later? Or you could hire a “selfie mirror” which allows your guests to pose and then takes the photo for them. There is even a mirror which can talk to your guests, read their gestures and respond accordingly before taking their picture!

If the theme of your wedding is a little more quirky, why not talk to us about hiring actors to provide a unique and immersive photo booth experience? Actors play set characters and can provide hours of funny and imaginative interaction with everyone, from children to grandparents. And if you want something really unusual, why not scare your visitors with an apocalyptic backdrop and a few walking zombies to give everyone some great photos and a talking point for years to come?