Here at Harlequin we pride ourselves in providing quality marquees to suit your needs but what do you need to know and have ready before you approach us? Here are a few tips to help you.

  • Plan, plan, plan! Like everything in wedding planning, it is essential to start early. Marquees allow you to plan your wedding to your specifications but there are logistical issues to be managed and suppliers to be sourced. Have a look online to see types available – see what window shapes, dormers or verandas catch your eye. See our gallery for further inspiration. Decide on any theme you want to use for your wedding, whether Bohemian, vintage or quirky and what colours you want to use with it. Put together your guest list, even if you aren’t ready to send out the invitations yet.
  • Choose your venue. Marquees can be erected anywhere that there is enough space and you could even choose to use your own land. However, you must be sure of access available for the marquee services, power and running water for caterers, parking nearby and how you will be able to clear up afterwards. You also need to be sure of the number of guests so the company can ensure the right size of marquee is provided (and can fit on the site!). If you don’t have a venue in mind, talk to us as we have links to several beautiful venues in the south of England.
  • Get a quote. Reputable companies such as Harlequin will always carry out a site visit. This is your chance to ask what can be provided from the company in addition to simply the marquee – furniture, accessories, lighting, flooring, heating and so on. Remember these additions incur further costs. It is essential that you check your quote thoroughly to ensure that it covers everything you discussed and asked to be included. Harlequin provides a CAD plan of your marquee layout, making it much easier to envision and plan around.
  • Insurance. Ensure the company you choose has adequate insurance to cover not only the day but the time span which covers erecting and dismantling. Companies should have equipment, employers and public liability insurance and we here at Harlequin are suitably covered.
  • Security. If you are having a marquee erected within the grounds of a wedding venue it will be their duty to ensure adequate plans are in place to secure the marquee and its contents. However, if you are erecting it on your own land, you must ensure you make the site secure as well as, on the day, locking away valuables if there is close access to your home.
  • Be weatherproof! Ask the company if your marquee can be closed if the rain or cold sets in and whether, like us, they provide heaters when needed (indoor or out). Similarly, make sure it can open if it gets too hot. Overheating inside not only affects your guests but also your flowers and cake.