With so many people opting for a marquee wedding nowadays there are various issues which can arise from the different demands of each setting; however, a well planned and carefully executed event should pose few concerns. Here at Harlequin we strive to ensure that site visits and client consultations cover all eventualities (we always provide a CAD drawing and visit your venue before building the marquee) but here are just a few of the things that may concern you and how we can address them.

  • Size of the site – If you are looking to hold your ceremony and reception on a piece of land owned by you or your family, there must be enough space to accommodate not only the marquee itself but also any other facilities you will need for the day. Our smallest marquees come with 3 metre frames so a smaller site can be accommodated and the frames can be expanded in increments of 3 or 6 metres as required. If your site is just too small for a tent wedding, contact us and we can advise you on finding a venue perfect for you.
  • Access to the site – Adequate access to the site is imperative, not only for the marquee erection but also for other services such as caterers and florists and remember this may all take a few days. Parking must also allow for service staff as well as guests on the day.
  • Uneven ground – Gardens or fields with lumps and bumps are no problem as we can provide a hard, level floor surface whatever the terrain.
  • The weather – Even rain can’t spoil your day with one of our Clear Span marquees as the bar supports ensure that water does not pool in the roof structure and we also provide a non-slip indoor surface with all tents. If you are lucky enough to have a warm, sunny day, the sides of the marquees can be opened and if it happens to be a bit colder, we can supply different heating options for both inside and out.
  • Neighbours – If you have neighbours around the site you must let them know what you are proposing well in advance and make sure they have no objections. Marquees are not noise proof! However, you could agree a specific cut off time for the event or even invite them along. Remember that parking may also have a negative impact on a wider area so ensure you liaise with all those it may affect.